“1 in 3 people are said to be suffering from anxiety right now, versus 1 in 5 in 2019”
-Liana Werner Gray

A crazy year in the books has left many feeling out of control of their own emotions, and anxiety has seemingly taken over our country more than ever. But, much of this anxiety can be avoided, just with the simplest of food choices.

Liana Werner-gray joins us for another episode to discuss anxiety and her new book that covers an extensive amount about the anxiety-food link. To learn more follow @lianawernergray and look out for her new book Anxiety-Free With Food.

1:27 Liana’s Intro
3:00 Stress has taken over in 2020
3:50 Why Liana decided to focus on anxiety
4:55 Why Liana was experiencing anxiety
7:55 Food is more effective than pharmaceuticals
8:27 The most neurotoxic foods on the planet
9:30 Staying away from refined sugar
10:30 Bad fats + anxiety
11:30 Good fats vs bad fats
14:32 Best oils for different purposes
15:14 The “why” behind some of foods
19:50 Best foods for anxiety
23:50 Coffee + anxiety
28:22 Nine principles for reducing anxiety
33:30 Small changes for a big win
35:00 Food awareness