On this episode, we are joined by expert Danny Neifert to get to the bottom of the skincare narratives!

“Over-exfoliation, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion does not increase skin health. It ages us faster. It thins the dermal layer at a faster rate.”

“The skincare industry has used only one method for younger-looking skin: Harm to heal. But what if that was all wrong?”

“What if the inflammation and damage we cause to the skin using needles and chemical peels are actually doing more harm than good?”


1:18 Danny Neifert intro
2:20 The confusion of the beauty industry
6:30 Health deposits vs withdrawals
7:10 How is the industry outdated?
8:25 Harm to heal
13:12 Four pillars of skin health
14:40 Nourish to heal over harm to heal
15:22 Skin Harmonics skin cream
16:44 Dehydration + acne
18:10 Beauty industry matrix
25:11 Gua sha
31:02 The skin bank and cancer
33:00 The cavewoman skincare
35:00 Danny’s skin protocol
37:10 Makeup standard changes