“The research shows: It’s not about whether you eat plants or eat meat, it’s about how many plants you are having. That’s what I’m striving for, to teach people to eat more plants.”
-Dan Churchill, The Healthy Chef

How do we step in the kitchen if we haven’t got a clue what to do? How can we make health eating more fun? On today’s episode, we sit down with celebrity chef, Dan Churchill, to learn all about his experiences in the kitchen and why practice makes perfect. Plus hear his thoughts on dieting and intermittent fasting!

1:10 Dan’s background
2:27 Healthy food restaurant movement
3:16 Dan fell in love with the kitchen
4:35 Dan’s take on diets
7:28 Bio-individuality with food
10:12 Cooking in your own kitchen
13:07 Cooking and practice
14:30 Dan’s fasting protocol
17:00 Kat + intermittent fasting
18:20 Wearable technology
22:20 Protein absorption
26:50 Dan’s daily foods

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