“Our bodies should be revered as opposed to hated in that moment of our period and I know that feels like a strong word but that’s how I used to feel and I know a lot of women felt.”

Did you know? The American woman will use 12000-14000 period products in her lifetime.

In this episode, we sit down with the founders of the company, Cora, who are doing big things in the world of organic feminine care products. We touch on the lack of feminine care worldwide and the threat of synthetic feminine care products to females everywhere. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!


1:30 Cora Introduction
1:57 The lack of feminine product in Kenya
4:15 Feminine care products+ synthetics
5:43 The poor tampon experience
8:20 Just how much do women use period products?
12:00 Taking the approach of feminine power
13:30 Sustainable period wear
17:00 Why organic cotton?
20:00 Retailers that adopted the concept
22:31 Organic products + sustainability
27:38 International partners for impact
30:12 Impact for girls internationally
34:30 Blood + Milk Editorial Platform