Dr. Raymond Nichols is the chiropractor and co-owner of AlignLife Pelham Falls alongside his wife, Dr. Mariya Shaeffer, in Greenville SC. His mission is to encourage his patients to unlock the potential of their bodies and vitality through holistic practices. He preaches that the body heals itself, and this is shown through his patient’s results.

Dr. Raymond also is the founder of “The Mobile U”, a platform where he can share corrective exercises for the benefit of his patients and followers alike. 

Dr. Raymond carries a spirit of truth and entrepreneurialism, and he has joined the mission of transparency as a healthcare provider to his patients.

1:00 Dr. Ray Nichols intro
3:00 Disease cycling trend in families
4:50 Philosophy of chiropractic care
6:29 Breaking the cycle
10:30 The brain/spinal cord link to digesting food
11:38Thyroid problem & how getting an adjustment in specific places can help
12:38 What chiropractors really do
13:40 The unhealthy dependency in healthcare
16:50 Doing the basic
17:40 Diet & the link to chiropracty
21:35 Key takeaways to start implementing in your life from Dr. Ray
24:20 Valuing sleep
26:50 Free mobility exercises: themobileu