On today’s episode, Crystal Jung joins us to talk about her journey of healing. Crystal is a health promoter who was chronically ill for seven years with Chronic Lyme and Hashimotos. She spent over 50,000 dollars trying Western Medicine, Holistic Medicine, and state-of-the-art technology to heal her body. Sick of being sick, she began to research healing the Body through reading books, studying science, and learning from others who healed themselves. She ended up healing herself naturally and has been Lyme-free and Hashimoto’s free for four years. 

1:20 Crystal’s health journey
4:14 “From wheelchair to biking thanks to diet”
5:16 Crystal’s hard journey with miscarriage
5:50 Treatments for Hashimoto’s & Lyme disease
7:08 Trying Jesus as treatment
7:44 Healing Lyme through water fasting
9:52 Landon’s experience with intermittent fasting
11:52 Crystal’s mental & emotional experience with long term fasting
13:50 “Choosing your hard”
15:12 Landon’s & Crystal’s experience with synthroids
16:00 Tips for getting off synthroid
16:45 Water – does the type matter?
17:44 How Crystal keeps her body healthy
18:35 Health & emotion link
22:58 Supplements
23:46 Supplements are not an every-day thing
24:00 Animal vs. plant-based dieting
27:00 Infrared sauna treatments
29:00 A good place to start with fasting
30:41 Books or podcast for more information
32:04 What’s Crystal’s one tip for living life organically