It’s no secret that our world is surrounded by technology 24/7… but is our body paying the price? What is it doing to our bodies? Do you even notice? Technology isn’t the enemy, it’s all in how we use it. 

Today Kat & Landon are joined with August Brice, an award-winning investigative journalist, who is passionate about tech wellness. Her own health journey, a sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation discovered 25 years ago, led her to research the subject extensively, and to partner with many of the top EMF experts in the world. She now has 25 years of research + discovery unlocking the key to health + wellness. 

3:00 August’s journey with EMF
5:20 What “Tech Wellness” is
6:55 The three main “Tech Toxins”
9:47 What is an EMF
12:50 Physical reactions to EMF sensitivity
13:30 Ways to navigate screens & day-to-day tips
14:90 Analog meteors & landline phones
17:39 Blue Light
19:37 Length of time on devices
22:12 “Digital Diet”
26:26 Wearable EMF blockers – do they work?
30:42 Tips for limiting radiation
31:52 Privacy – the final tech toxin