The gut is often overlooked by Western medicine so we sat down with Dr. Stephanie Canestraro to open the door about gut health and learn more about this complicated system. 

When Dr. Stephanie’s health began to decline early in her chiropractic career, and the allopathic medical system had nothing to offer, she began her journey towards Functional Medicine. Her interest in the human body, combined with her failing health, created a passion for finding the answers to her own health issues, and eventually everyone around her. She has been certified through Functional Medicine University and recently became a member of the prestigious IFMCP (Institute for Functional Medicine Practitioner) group. She continues her own research into Functional Medicine and is dedicated to finding answers to her patients’ issues.

2:10 – Kat’s journey to functional medicine
2:45 Dr. Stephanie’s journey to functional medicine
7:28 Functional medicine & its approach to symptoms
9:42 Everyone’s gut needs to be taken care of more than it is
10:43 “Stealth infections” – you might not have symptoms
11:52 Functional medicine testing
15:19 Kat’s son’s experience with testing
17:00 Muscle testing
18:15 Simple lifestyle changes Dr. Stephanie recommends
21:53 The vagus nerve
26:02 Training the vagus nerve
33:32 Humming – it helps!
34:22 Drainage funnel & how the body eliminates toxins
32:20 Products recommendations
43:08 Dr. Stephanie’s one tip for living life organically