Listen & learn all about collagen – is it good for you? Bad for you? Supplements are not a quick fix-all. Start with food, diet, and then supplement if necessary. We’ve brought in Charlie Bailes, a husband, dad of 3, a crossfitter, a health nut, and most importantly – a collagen expert. We hope to tackle the ins & outs of collagen and how it could help you.

2:16 Why is collagen good, and why some might think it’s bad
4:09 Collagen is not a silver bullet
5:20 Collagen helps the digestive system, repairs connective tissue, & more
7:25 How to find collagen outside of supplements
8:34 How you know if you’re getting enough collagen
10:11 Muscle soreness & collagen
12:10 Collagen’s negative views
14:24 If collagen breaks a fast
18:18 What multi-protein collagen is
23:27 How collagen differs from hemp or whey protein