It’s something we’re happy to ignore, but it’s massively impacting your body. That’s right, today we discuss mold and mold illness. Our special guest, Dr. Jen Pfleghaar, helps us learn about identifying mold illnesses, the best ways to combat mold, and even the common foods mold is hiding in. Dr. Jen is a double board-certified physician. Fellowship-trained and board-certified in Integrative Medicine, she works with her patients to diagnose and treat illnesses such as Mold Illness, Thyroid disease, CIRS, Estrogen Dominance, Hormone Imbalance, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Lyme Disease. 

We also talk about hormone imbalances in men & women and easy ways to limit excess hormone mimickers (Hint: it’s time to ditch the k-cups and plastic water bottles!). Dr. Jess helps shed some light on common illnesses that are overlooked by conventional medicine & give us practical tips to help your body heal and move along a healthier journey. 

2:30 What mold illness is
5:01 How you can identify it
8:17 Killing with bleach can make mold worse
8:55 Mold in food
10:52 Coffee is one of the top moldy foods/drinks
13:22 Hormonal imbalances
14.49 Natural ways to fight hormonal imbalances
24:23 Treating men & women for hormonal imbalances
27:00 Ways to limit estrogen mimickers for men & women
28:21 Common illnesses that are overlooked by conventional medicine
31:20 How a beginner can start to move through a healthy lifestyle